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Love And Care – M. Ganesh Sai

Love And Care - M. Ganesh Sai

When a person loves someone and doesn’t gets it back, feels like to do something to themselves or their moral will be down. So love a person who can give their love back to make it warm and comfortable.


Short Story- Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Once upon a time in a city there was a boy by name Mark. He was a straight forward person. He was studying in graduation. Mark was an average student. He decided to demonstrate his hidden potential when entered into the final year of graduation.

Mark approached his faculties and expressed his desire to participate in debate competition. One of the faculties told Mark, “From the starting of your academic year you have not participated in any debates and events. Now you need a lot of practice and it is very difficult for you to participate.” Mark replied to faculty, “Give me an opportunity. I’ll prove myself” The faculty refused his request.

Mark returned class and thought for a while at his desk. Mark’s classmates laughed at him over his intention to participate in debate competition. Mark ignored them. Mark approached senior faculty member Jack and expressed his desire to participate in debate competition. Jack initially refused. However, Jack was impressed with Mark’s initiative and interest and finally allowed him to participate in the competition.

Mark participated in competition and won second price. Students were surprised with Mark’s amazing performance. Jack was overwhelmed. Students enquired Jack, “Sir, what happened when Mark came to your office?” Jack replied, “Mark expressed his interest to participate in competition and I believed his potential and gave an opportunity. He also added that, “You need to take risk and trust and encourage others in life. That is what I did and finally Mark proved himself by winning with second position.”

The moral of this story is that everyone has hidden potential. We need to believe, risk, spot, and encourage others so as to make them realize their potential.

Short Story – Listen to Your Friends

Once upon a time there were three friends in a forest. They were lion, fox and elephant. They were in danger as the forest was on fire. The lion regretted for not listening to the advice of his friend, elephant who had warned about this situation. Fox prayed to the rain God for help. The rain God appeared and asked the fox to explain about the root of the problem for forest fire. Fox explained in this way.

One day elephant went for watching the surroundings of the forest. Then, elephant saw a bunch of people cutting the trees. The people thought that animals might not need too much coverage of trees at the outskirts of the forest for their survival. Therefore, they began cutting the trees. Having seen this elephant got annoyed and attacked them. Subsequently, elephant narrated the same to fox and lion.

Lion went to the spot and confirmed the information. Lion came to know that one person was killed in the attack. Lion told elephant that human beings chopped trees at the outskirts and that would not affect the forest as they also needed some wood for their survival. However, elephant felt that one day entire forest would be at stake.

Gradually human beings began destroying the forest. Added to the woes, a landlord by name Jim bought land near the forest and ordered gutting the forest on fire. The forest was on fire and the animals were running everywhere for safety.

After listening to the flashback by fox, rain God helped them by putting out the fire by rain. Rain God advised both fox and lion not to ignore the warning from a good friend like elephant. Therefore, always listen to your friends who care about you.

Passion Is The Key To Success

Once upon a time there were three football players. Their names were Jack, Ben and Shane. They were smart and hard workers. They had passion for football. Jack and Ben got injury on his leg at the world cup. Shane took them to hospital and admitted them. Shane recalled how they first became friends.

In their village there was only one sports ground. Jack and Ben used to play football there. Both were best in football in their school. They participated in district league. In first half they played with difficulty. For Jack and Ben it was tough to play a team game by themselves. Shane entered that town on that morning. He was passionate in football game. He saw first half of the game and decided to play for the team of Jack and Ben.

The second half began. Shane was equally fast as Jack and Ben. They turned around the game in second half and won the league cup. Shane said to Jack and Ben that they had to train the other teammates. They had passion towards football. They used to spend most of the time with the game.

As they grew they wanted to represent themselves for the world cup. Those three went for selections. But they could not make it. They decided to complete the education first. After completion of their studies they went for different countries for more training to represent their country for the world cup.

After four years they came back to their country to participate in world cup. Jack, Ben and Shane got through the selections. After selections they had time to practice. The road towards their dream had begun (i.e. world cup). With great teamwork they won many matches. In the quarterfinals Jack got injured in the second half. He was admitted in a hospital. They won quarterfinals somehow. When Ben and Shane went to the hospital the doctor said that Jack’s ankle was twisted.

In the semifinals Ben and Shane were frustrated as they didn’t have their ace Jack. They were in a tie for sometime. After sometime Ben was frustrated and tried to make a goal by himself. But failed and he was also injured. After two days the finals had started. Jack and Ben were sitting in the bench. Those two requested coach for permitting them to play for 20 minutes.

Jack was looking at the team it was not in a proper shape. The coach with hesitation sent them to play for 20 minutes only. Those two entered the field and made the game easy to win. They won the match. After the completion of the match Jack and Ben fell on ground. They were admitted in the hospital. The doctor shouted at the coach “I have told you that if they play under this state their legs would be amputated” Shane requested the doctor to operate and save their legs. Doctor went inside the operation theater and closed the doors.

Shane thought of the time they used to spend. The doctor came out and told to them that they are fine. Shane was happy by listening to the words of the doctor.

The moral of this story is that if you have a goal you should work towards it. To reach your goal put efforts incrementally. If you have strong goal then work on it till you achieve success.

Trust Your Friendship

Once there were three friends Ram Robert and Ron.  The bond between them was strong.  They were friends since childhood.  They lived together.  They were known for the symbol of friendship.  Once a person named Jim wanted to destroy the bond between them.  So he made friendship with them.

First Jim wanted to create conflicts between Ram and the Robert.  He created a rift by telling to the Ram that the Robert was talking ill of him.  Then he told the Ron that the Ram and Robert did not want him.  Initially they quarreled and got separated then they never spoke to each other. Jim was very happy and was successful in his mission.

One day the three friends were going by the same train.  At that moment also they were not talking to each other.  When the train was crossing the bridge it collapsed. When the Ron got up he saw Ram and Robert unconscious. He helped and took them to accident-free zone.  He provided first aid and admitted them to hospital.  When the Ram and Robert came to consciousness they regretted being incited by Jim.  All three finally came closer and remained as friends.

Don’t fall prey to wrong information and destroy your friendship. Always verify the facts and figures before breaking relations.  Always trust your friendship.