“Love Your Parents Till Your End – A Short Story” – M. Ganesh Sai

Once upon a time in village there was an old man-Bill.  He wanted to meet his son who lived in a city.  He started his journey and came to a city where his son used to work and stay.  He went to the place from where he used to get letters long back.  When he knocked the door he was excited and smiled with joy to meet his son.  Unfortunately, someone else opened the door. Bill asked, “I suppose Mike should be staying in this place.” The person said, “No! He had left the place and shifted to different location.”  Bill was disappointed and just thinking how to meet his son.  He started to walk in the street and the neighbors asked bill, “Are you looking for Mike?” Bill responded by nodding his head.  The neighbors gave the present address and office address of Mike to the Bill.  Bill thanked them and started towards the path which will lead to his son.


Bill went to the office and asked in the reception counter, “Could you please tell me the location of Mike, in this office?” The receptionist asked, “May I know how you are related to him?” Bill responded politely by saying, “I’m his father.” The receptionist said, Bill to wait for a moment and rang up to Mike and conveyed the same.  Mike was shocked and told the receptionist to send his father to the cabin immediately.  Bill entered the cabin and when he saw Mike; his eyes were filled with tears.  Mike was happy to see his father.  They had a simple conversation for a while and then Bill asked Mike, “Son! Mom wants to see you.  Come home with me.”

Mike responded, “No father.  I can’t come.  I’ve a busy life and it’s hard to get leave.”

Bill gave a simple smile and said, “Okay! You may do your work.  I’ll be going back to our village today evening.”

Mike asked, “You can stay for few days with me.  Please.”

Bill responded after a moment of silence, “Son.  You are busy with your tasks.  I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or become a burden for you.” Continued, “I hope if ever had chance to meet you again, I would be happy.” He left the place.


After 2 months Mike felt bad for treating his father in a weird manner.  He felt guilt for it and took a leave in office for few days and went to his village to meet his father.  When he went to the place where he was born and grew up, he saw that his parents were not there.  He was shocked and asked the neighbors, “What happened here? My parents have to be there.  Where are they now?” The neighbors gave the address of the place where his parents are staying.  Mike rushed to the place and noticed that the place where his parents are staying currently was like a graveyard.  Mike eyes was filled with tears and started to walk slowly towards the home.  His father Bill noticed Mike in a far distance and waved his hand to draw his attention.  Mike saw his father and started to run and hugged him.


Bill asked, “How are you?” and continued, “What a surprise to see you here. I didn’t expect that you would be coming to this place.”

Mike felt ashamed and kept his head down. Bill said, “Why are you feeling bad.  Is anything wrong happened?”

Mike responded, “No father” continued, “It’s just I never knew that I would be seeing you in this position in our village.”

Bill smiled and said, “I had debts due to loss in farming and wanted to reclaim our home back.  So I thought of approaching you, but you were more concerned about your tasks than us.  I just didn’t want to burden you with this problem and remained silent.”

Mike whispered, “You could’ve told me. I’m not an outsider.”

Bill turned around and said, “Your words on office made me to remain quiet.  All we wanted was your happiness.  So I kept quiet.”

Mike started to cry and hugged his father again. He asked his father to apologize and forgive him for his mistake. Bill smiled and said, “No need for that.  All I wanted was that you must come to us.  I’m happy with what I got now.” And from then Mike made his parents life more comfortable.


The moral of the story is that, the parents of most of the children wants their children to be happy and they don’t seek for a help when they need.  It’s the responsibility of children to take care of their parents till their end.



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