Trust Your Friendship

Once there were three friends Ram Robert and Ron.  The bond between them was strong.  They were friends since childhood.  They lived together.  They were known for the symbol of friendship.  Once a person named Jim wanted to destroy the bond between them.  So he made friendship with them.

First Jim wanted to create conflicts between Ram and the Robert.  He created a rift by telling to the Ram that the Robert was talking ill of him.  Then he told the Ron that the Ram and Robert did not want him.  Initially they quarreled and got separated then they never spoke to each other. Jim was very happy and was successful in his mission.

One day the three friends were going by the same train.  At that moment also they were not talking to each other.  When the train was crossing the bridge it collapsed. When the Ron got up he saw Ram and Robert unconscious. He helped and took them to accident-free zone.  He provided first aid and admitted them to hospital.  When the Ram and Robert came to consciousness they regretted being incited by Jim.  All three finally came closer and remained as friends.

Don’t fall prey to wrong information and destroy your friendship. Always verify the facts and figures before breaking relations.  Always trust your friendship.


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