Short Story- Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Once upon a time in a city there was a boy by name Mark. He was a straight forward person. He was studying in graduation. Mark was an average student. He decided to demonstrate his hidden potential when entered into the final year of graduation.

Mark approached his faculties and expressed his desire to participate in debate competition. One of the faculties told Mark, “From the starting of your academic year you have not participated in any debates and events. Now you need a lot of practice and it is very difficult for you to participate.” Mark replied to faculty, “Give me an opportunity. I’ll prove myself” The faculty refused his request.

Mark returned class and thought for a while at his desk. Mark’s classmates laughed at him over his intention to participate in debate competition. Mark ignored them. Mark approached senior faculty member Jack and expressed his desire to participate in debate competition. Jack initially refused. However, Jack was impressed with Mark’s initiative and interest and finally allowed him to participate in the competition.

Mark participated in competition and won second price. Students were surprised with Mark’s amazing performance. Jack was overwhelmed. Students enquired Jack, “Sir, what happened when Mark came to your office?” Jack replied, “Mark expressed his interest to participate in competition and I believed his potential and gave an opportunity. He also added that, “You need to take risk and trust and encourage others in life. That is what I did and finally Mark proved himself by winning with second position.”

The moral of this story is that everyone has hidden potential. We need to believe, risk, spot, and encourage others so as to make them realize their potential.


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