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Short Stories to Share-Get Inspired Online Purchase in .PDF

Short Stories to Share-Get Inspired Online Purchase in .PDF

This book is a collection of short stories and articles emphasizing on morals and values. It contains well punched messages at the end of each story leading to lasting impression in the minds of the readers. It focuses on success, attitude, friendship, leadership, motivation and inspiration. 

The book deals with honesty and integrity, and backs with short story so that readers can connect quickly with the content and get inspired. It sends a strong message that truth that alone triumphs at the end. 

It is an inspirational book. You can easily toss the book into a briefcase or purse and read here and there as time allows. 

The book is useful to students from kinder garden (KG) to post graduation (PG) and to all those who have flair for inspirational books.


A Story of ‘C’ – M. Ganesh Sai

Once there was a person named Robin. He was an easy going person. He wanted solution for a particular issue, so he called his friend, named-Shiny. She was a nice and naughty girl with excellent maturity levels in her head and heart. He called her and the call was busy. He called again after sometime, still the call was busy. He waited for some time and did his usual works and called back, this time the call rang and she lifted the call.


“Hello Shiny.” Robin greeted.

“Hello Robin. How are you?” Shiny responded.

“Well! I’m fine. How about you?” Robin asked her.

“I’m fine.” Shiny continued, “It’s so noisy on your side. Are you outside?”

“Yes, I had little work, so I had to come out.” Robin continued, “Are you free for a while?”

“You can talk. I’m a bit free now.” Shiny responded.

“I asked, because, you said there is some exam tomorrow for you.” Robin asked.

“I haven’t received hall ticket for that.” Shiny Continued, “I won’t be attending any exam tomorrow.”

“That’s too bad.” Robin continued, “I wanted to ask you something. Can you suggest me?”

“If it’s possible for me, defiantly I’ll.” Shiny responded.

“What do you mean by that?” Robin asked with a laugh.

“Sometimes, some things can’t be answered.” Shiny continued, “If it’s within my reach, I’ll respond it.”

“That’s okay. I don’t know, in which manner I should ask you.” Robin paused for a moment and said, “I’ll express it like a story and you can respond with conclusion for it. Is it okay for you?”

“Tell me any way you like.” Shiny laughed and continued, “I can understand.”

“Okay! In this, the characters names are A, B, C. A and B are boys and C is a girl.” He said and started the story.


Once there were two friends-A and C. They were friends from childhood and when they were about to join high school they went to different places. After 6 years those two got contact from social networking site. They were chatting and had recollected olden and golden days of their life. C had a crush with B in graduation time and those had break up too. One day, B called A, and said, “Don’t dare to talk with C. If I get any information that you’re talking are chatting with her, she’s going to pay for it, and you too.” A responded, “Sure, Is that it, are you want me to do anything else?” B said, “That’s it.” A responded, “Fine!” and the conversation ended.


“What you felt about it?” Robin asked Shiny.

“It’s was most stupid story I’ve ever heard.” Shiny continued, “I would like to ask you few things?”

“Okay!” Robin responded.

“Why A and C chatted so much in the first place?” Shiny continued, “Based on the chatting B might’ve got anger.”

“A and C were chatting about their childhood days, jobs and about further studies what and how they are going to pursue.” Robin exclaimed, “What’s the big deal about it to get anger for B?”

“May be B thought that, A can fall in love with C or C can fall in love with A?” Shiny asked.

“A can never be loved by C, and A won’t love C.” Robin responded.

“That’s cool. Have C gave clarity about her love and breakup?” Shiny asked.

“Of course, C is clear about it.” Robin asked her, “A can take it easy and he can move on with his friendship, but he’s worried about C, that’s why he’s thinking what to do?”

“I think C has to be motivated and made her courageous to handle the things.” Shiny continued, “Then B or anyone can never make her moral down again.”

“Your idea is good.” Robin continued, “So shall I bring the C to you, so that you can talk to her.”

“I can’t talk to outsiders the way I talk to you.” Shiny exclaimed, “You know that very well.”

“I think you know C better than me.” Robin responded.

“What? Hey who’s it. Tell me Robin.” Shiny responded with a shock.

“It’s our childhood friend, Div. In the story I mentioned you earlier A was me, B was her boyfriend and C was Div.” Robin continued, “I was puzzled to tell you directly and ask you. Due to that, I expressed everything in detail with Alias, now I’ve revealed their real names to you.”


After Robin expressed that to Shiny, She was busted out with laughter. Robin was on streets and controlled it, but Shiny was laughing for more than 3 minutes. Robin said, “Come on. Stop it, I’m outside. I was controlling my laughter for more than half-an-hour, but you’re making me to laugh.”

“It’s been a long time had such a laugh.” Shiny responded with a laugh.

“I never thought that our childhood friends, especially girls can fall in love.” Robin responded by controlling his laugh.

“Tell Div, to be strong, otherwise I’ll slap her in her face. She’s was one of my best friends from childhood and I hate to see her like this. You better do it Robin.” Shiny expressed her feeling with laughter and anger.

“I’ll. It was nice talking to you.” Robin continued, “Come on, please stop laughing.”

“I can’t. I was recollecting the story you expressed and comparing it now and still it’s too funny.” Shiny responded.

“You keep on laughing. We’ll talk tomorrow then.” Robin continued, “Good night. Take care.”

“Sure! I also have work now. Take care.” Shiny responded and the call ended.


Robin felt better after expressing his views to Shiny. By the time call ended, he reached his home. He got relaxed and approached Div and made here better.


The moral of this story is that, when a person is facing any challenges, it’s better to take suggestion from the people whom you can trust and share it without hesitation. Sometimes self decision may cause harm to others, so do consult with your loved ones.


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Short Story – Listen to Your Friends

Once upon a time there were three friends in a forest. They were lion, fox and elephant. They were in danger as the forest was on fire. The lion regretted for not listening to the advice of his friend, elephant who had warned about this situation. Fox prayed to the rain God for help. The rain God appeared and asked the fox to explain about the root of the problem for forest fire. Fox explained in this way.

One day elephant went for watching the surroundings of the forest. Then, elephant saw a bunch of people cutting the trees. The people thought that animals might not need too much coverage of trees at the outskirts of the forest for their survival. Therefore, they began cutting the trees. Having seen this elephant got annoyed and attacked them. Subsequently, elephant narrated the same to fox and lion.

Lion went to the spot and confirmed the information. Lion came to know that one person was killed in the attack. Lion told elephant that human beings chopped trees at the outskirts and that would not affect the forest as they also needed some wood for their survival. However, elephant felt that one day entire forest would be at stake.

Gradually human beings began destroying the forest. Added to the woes, a landlord by name Jim bought land near the forest and ordered gutting the forest on fire. The forest was on fire and the animals were running everywhere for safety.

After listening to the flashback by fox, rain God helped them by putting out the fire by rain. Rain God advised both fox and lion not to ignore the warning from a good friend like elephant. Therefore, always listen to your friends who care about you.

Passion Is The Key To Success

Once upon a time there were three football players. Their names were Jack, Ben and Shane. They were smart and hard workers. They had passion for football. Jack and Ben got injury on his leg at the world cup. Shane took them to hospital and admitted them. Shane recalled how they first became friends.

In their village there was only one sports ground. Jack and Ben used to play football there. Both were best in football in their school. They participated in district league. In first half they played with difficulty. For Jack and Ben it was tough to play a team game by themselves. Shane entered that town on that morning. He was passionate in football game. He saw first half of the game and decided to play for the team of Jack and Ben.

The second half began. Shane was equally fast as Jack and Ben. They turned around the game in second half and won the league cup. Shane said to Jack and Ben that they had to train the other teammates. They had passion towards football. They used to spend most of the time with the game.

As they grew they wanted to represent themselves for the world cup. Those three went for selections. But they could not make it. They decided to complete the education first. After completion of their studies they went for different countries for more training to represent their country for the world cup.

After four years they came back to their country to participate in world cup. Jack, Ben and Shane got through the selections. After selections they had time to practice. The road towards their dream had begun (i.e. world cup). With great teamwork they won many matches. In the quarterfinals Jack got injured in the second half. He was admitted in a hospital. They won quarterfinals somehow. When Ben and Shane went to the hospital the doctor said that Jack’s ankle was twisted.

In the semifinals Ben and Shane were frustrated as they didn’t have their ace Jack. They were in a tie for sometime. After sometime Ben was frustrated and tried to make a goal by himself. But failed and he was also injured. After two days the finals had started. Jack and Ben were sitting in the bench. Those two requested coach for permitting them to play for 20 minutes.

Jack was looking at the team it was not in a proper shape. The coach with hesitation sent them to play for 20 minutes only. Those two entered the field and made the game easy to win. They won the match. After the completion of the match Jack and Ben fell on ground. They were admitted in the hospital. The doctor shouted at the coach “I have told you that if they play under this state their legs would be amputated” Shane requested the doctor to operate and save their legs. Doctor went inside the operation theater and closed the doors.

Shane thought of the time they used to spend. The doctor came out and told to them that they are fine. Shane was happy by listening to the words of the doctor.

The moral of this story is that if you have a goal you should work towards it. To reach your goal put efforts incrementally. If you have strong goal then work on it till you achieve success.

Trust Your Friendship

Once there were three friends Ram Robert and Ron.  The bond between them was strong.  They were friends since childhood.  They lived together.  They were known for the symbol of friendship.  Once a person named Jim wanted to destroy the bond between them.  So he made friendship with them.

First Jim wanted to create conflicts between Ram and the Robert.  He created a rift by telling to the Ram that the Robert was talking ill of him.  Then he told the Ron that the Ram and Robert did not want him.  Initially they quarreled and got separated then they never spoke to each other. Jim was very happy and was successful in his mission.

One day the three friends were going by the same train.  At that moment also they were not talking to each other.  When the train was crossing the bridge it collapsed. When the Ron got up he saw Ram and Robert unconscious. He helped and took them to accident-free zone.  He provided first aid and admitted them to hospital.  When the Ram and Robert came to consciousness they regretted being incited by Jim.  All three finally came closer and remained as friends.

Don’t fall prey to wrong information and destroy your friendship. Always verify the facts and figures before breaking relations.  Always trust your friendship.

True Friend

Once upon a time there were two friends by names, Ronnie and Jack. They used to rag everybody. They did not spare even teachers and principal. The principal wanted to debar them from the school but remained silent as they hailed from decent family backgrounds. Their parents were educated but not in a position to concentrate on the conduct of Ronnie and Jack as they were busy with their schedules.

One fine day a new student by name Tony joined the class. The teacher placed him beside Ronnie and Jack. As usual these two ragged Tony. In fact, Tony was a good student and understood about these two. Tony retaliated by ragging both Ronnie and Jack. Realizing the attitude of Tony, these two made him as a friend. Tony began changing the ragging attitude of these two gradually. Finally Tony encouraged Ronnie and Jack to fall in line with the mainstream of other good students.

Over a period of time, there was a remarkable improvement in the behaviour and the performance of these two academically. Ultimately Ronnie and Jack scored high marks and became top performers in the class.

Behaviour of the people depends on the right selection of friends. When you choose good friends you tend to develop good qualities and excel as an outstanding person.

Love Your Neighbor – Short Story

Once upon a time, in a colony, there were two houses which were very close to each other. The family members of the two houses never had cordial relations with each other. They often quarreled with each other. The two families had sons studied in the same school but they were very friendly.

Both the sons were partners in various projects in school. They also got a first prize in a science project through team effort. They always remained as friends. They decided to bring their two families together. First they started with their mothers to cope up with each other. They succeeded by encouraging them to help each other in cooking matters and gradually their mothers became friends.

The fathers of these two sons were doing business independently who ran into losses subsequently. The sons requested them to join together and build business collectively. Fathers of two sons started business together and succeeded. Finally both the families became friends.

Therefore, love and befriend with your neighbors to promote peace and prosperity.

Never Let down Others

There were three friends in a village. Their names were Jack, Tony and Ronnie. They had abundant wealth. Jack and Tony wanted to start an educational institute for the poor and downtrodden. Ronnie wanted to create eight wonder in the world. The other two friends told Ronnie that most of the poor children were not getting basic education. They persuaded him to build an institute first and then pursue with creation of eight wonder.

After a week, Jack took one fourth of money for purchasing construction material for the institute. Tony surveyed and received valuable inputs about the construction. He took one fourth money to the civil engineer to create the plans for construction.

Ronnie expressed his intention to buy latest technology for construction to his friends and took the balance amount and fled. Jack and Tony were upset with Ronnie. They moved ahead with their plan of setting up the institute. They faced several challenges initially and finally succeeded in their mission.
Ronnie who had run away from that village fell in the company of bad friends and addicted to vices. He totally forgot his goal of accomplishing eighth wonder. Finally he was left penniless.

Ten long years had passed away. Jack and Tony went to a city for a function. They saw a lean person lying on the road unconsciously. They were shocked and recognized that the unconscious man as Ronnie, their old friend who absconded ten years ago. They immediately took him to hospital. When Ronnie came to consciousness he felt ashamed of what he did to them. He requested them to forgive for his misdeeds. Jack and Tony pardoned him and told to learn lessons out his mistake and not to betray others in future.

Think before you act. Discuss before you decide. Never let down others.