Short Story – Listen to Your Friends

Once upon a time there were three friends in a forest. They were lion, fox and elephant. They were in danger as the forest was on fire. The lion regretted for not listening to the advice of his friend, elephant who had warned about this situation. Fox prayed to the rain God for help. The rain God appeared and asked the fox to explain about the root of the problem for forest fire. Fox explained in this way.

One day elephant went for watching the surroundings of the forest. Then, elephant saw a bunch of people cutting the trees. The people thought that animals might not need too much coverage of trees at the outskirts of the forest for their survival. Therefore, they began cutting the trees. Having seen this elephant got annoyed and attacked them. Subsequently, elephant narrated the same to fox and lion.

Lion went to the spot and confirmed the information. Lion came to know that one person was killed in the attack. Lion told elephant that human beings chopped trees at the outskirts and that would not affect the forest as they also needed some wood for their survival. However, elephant felt that one day entire forest would be at stake.

Gradually human beings began destroying the forest. Added to the woes, a landlord by name Jim bought land near the forest and ordered gutting the forest on fire. The forest was on fire and the animals were running everywhere for safety.

After listening to the flashback by fox, rain God helped them by putting out the fire by rain. Rain God advised both fox and lion not to ignore the warning from a good friend like elephant. Therefore, always listen to your friends who care about you.


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