“The Girl With No Friends -A Short Story” – M. Ganesh Sai

Once in a city there was a girl-Kelly. She was an open minded girl with cool attitude. Her father was a cop in that city. She had joined graduation in nearby university. On the first day, she imagined that, all people would be more intelligent with mature look. After entering into the class she felt uncomfortable from inside, but acted to be comfortable form the outside. The classmates were not cool, she felt. She made friends with the girls in the class. At the end of the day, when she was on the way home, she was talking to other girls and suddenly said, “I expected boys to be cool, but in this university most of them are totally average.” One of the classmates listened to that, and said to other boys, what her opinion was about them. Most of the boys got annoyed but kept quiet.


The days were passing and Kelly was getting used to the university and other activities. The boys totally ignored her by not talking with her. She thought that, I don’t need boys. It’s their wish. After few months she fell in love with a boy-Alexander.  Alexander was her classmate, and he hated her more than any girls in his life.  She started to talk with him, even though he tried to avoid her.  One day Alexander asked Kelly, “What’s your problem? Stop bugging me. I’m not interested in talking with you.”

“What mistake did I make? I just like to be friend with you. That’s it. Is there anything wrong with that?” Kelly responded.

“Look Kelly! I’ve work to do, and leave me alone. And try not to talk to me ever again.” Alexander responded harshly.

“Okay! Fine! I won’t disturb you. But tell me the reason for your anger?” Kelly posed a question.

“Why are asking me? What happen to all this month’s when you were not at all talking to any boys? And all of a sudden you came and started to talk as if you don’t know anything.” Alexander continued, “Try to analyze yourself and then get back to me, if you really want to know the true reason.”

“I never did any mistake in my life. I don’t have to analyze without doing any mistake.” Kelly continued, “You must’ve mistaken with me. When you find out you will come and talk to me on that day.”

“Ha Ha Ha. That’s really funny. Okay we’ll see.” Alexander said and walked out of the room.


After Alexander went outside Kelly bowed her head down and slowly from her eyes tears was rolling out and it went on for a while and then she stopped. She was so upset and after reaching home her mother asked, “What happened honey, your face is not charming at all.”

“Nothing mom, just not feeling well.” Kelly responded and went to her room upstairs.


In deep down inside her thoughts, her subconscious mind started to tell, “What went wrong, analyze yourself.”

“Now even you started to give me an advice. Great.” Kelly spoke to herself

“It’s better to solve the issue than make it worse. Think of it. It’s up to you.” Kelly’s subconscious mind responded and kept quit.


Kelly started to analyze herself but unfortunately she was becoming mad to find out the reason and got nothing but headache. On the next day she went directly to Alexander and stood in front of him. He was just staring at her and she was waiting weather he would talk first. He saw her for few seconds and started to walk away. She was astonished and shouted, “Alexander!” He stopped and turned around. Kelly went near to Alexander’s face and asked, “What you can see in my eyes.”

“Water!” Alexander responded

“Do you know why it came?” Kelly asked a question.

“Why you’re asking me? How would I know?” Alexander continued, “May be due to dust.”

“Don’t act funny. It’s because of you my eyes is filled with water.” Kelly said.

“I didn’t poke in your eyes; neither put a sand or dust. You can’t blame me girl.” Alexander responded with a serious look.

“I was thinking about the thing you said yesterday and entire night I couldn’t sleep.” Kelly continued, “I came to you to say, ‘I LOVE YOU’ but you don’t have a heart to accept my love.”

“Wow! That’s good to hear from you.” Alexander stared at her and continued, “Do you know that ‘I LOVED YOU’ as the day I first saw you, but you don’t disserve it at all.”

“What! Are you joking?” Kelly said and asked, “Then why you’re hurting me like this. I’ve never seen a person to hurt whom they love.”

“I said, ‘I LOVED YOU’ Did I mention now I’m in love with you.” Alexander continued, “Do you know what your problem is?”

“I was searching for your problem with me, never thought other way around.” Kelly continued, “I would appreciate if you can tell me what I did wrong with you in the past.”

“On the first day when I was coming behind you to propose you, you suddenly said to you colleagues and friends that, ‘Boy are not cool in this university.’ By listing to those words I saw the evil side of you towards boys” Alexander continued, “May be after that if you had spoken to other boys it would’ve been better, but you always ignored everyone, and now you came to me because you love me. Otherwise! You would’ve not even spoken with me now also.”

“It was not like that. On that day everyone started to comment on the boys in that manner, and I also said in that way. Beside I’m bit scared to talk with boys apart from that, why I would’ve kept so distance with everyone.”

“Look! If everyone likes to die and go to hell, will you follow them blindly are you will use your brain?” Alexander exclaimed, “If you want to prove your love, try to make the things better in our campus. Be friendly with everyone and gain their friendship. Then I’ll consider your proposal.”


Kelly was in shock with that long conversation with Alexander. She was puzzled, because she doesn’t know from where to start to bring back the things to normal. She started to talk with boys by asking for pen, book, assignment, Xerox copy and many more. The boys in the class were not spoken to her properly. She was intelligent, so she started to use her knowledge to explain to the average intelligence level boys and made friends with them. Other boys also started to like her attitude and all of a sudden everything changed according to the she wanted. Alexander was pleased with her style and went near her. Kelly suddenly turned and saw that Alexander was in front of her. She said, “Thanks for everything.”

“No need. What you learnt out of this?” Alexander aroused a question.

 “Well! First of all, I learnt that life would be great with plenty of friends around us. Secondly, all boys are not bad, there are even good guys in an around us.” Kelly responded with a cute smile.

“That’s really good to hear from you Kelly.” Alexander continued, “I want to say to something and I want to give you one thing.”

“What is it?” Kelly asked with curiosity.

“Not now. Evening before living the campus, meet me I’ll tell you.” Alexander said and went back to his desk and sat down.


Kelly was so excited and she waited till evening. She felt that the time suddenly started to tic slowly. At last in evening she went near to Alexander and asked, “You were telling something in the morning. What is it?”

“I never thought that this day would come. First let me give you the thing which belongs to you.” Alexander continued, “Close your eyes. Please!”

“Okay!” Kelly said and closed her eyes.


Alexander was tensed but acted bravely and kissed her. She was shocked, surprised and happy. After kissing her, he said, “I LOVE YOU.” Continued, “Will you marry me?”

“Yes! I’ll.” Kelly responded and from that time onwards they had a great life. After completion of their graduation they got married and made their life enjoyable.


The moral of the story is that, in life everyone has to have friends. There will be good and a bad person in our society and surroundings, but it doesn’t mean that all are bad. Even if a person have rotten attitude, if you speak with them in a positive manner you can still have a chance to change them. Changes of the surrounding starts with the way you start to think and do, not in the way of seeing and hearing.



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  1. wow no comment. i would say that’s a tremendous story never read before. thanks a bunch for this story. i would appreciate to see more again to enjoy with ready story from people’s experience.

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