“Grow Silently” – M. Ganesh Sai

In an unknown village there was a person-Jim.  He’s an intelligent person in that village. He wanted to grow big.  He went to go city for doing business with his wife and two children.  When he went to the city, with the money he had, he couldn’t start business.  He started with a small shop; with the profits he’d started business.  At first he gained plenty of wealth in business after sometime he started to face losses.  Jim started to take money from external sources and couldn’t give them back.  He started to get worried for his children’s and discussed with his wife.


Jim’s Wife was Lara.  The conversation took place between them for couple of minutes in this way:

“Can we talk for few minutes?” Jim said, “It’s little urgent and serious issue Lara.”

“Yes, we can talk now.” Lara said.

“In business which I did was almost lost all the money. I..,, I.,, I don’t know from where to start with.” Jim said.

“Come on! Just say it, I’m getting nervous.” Lara exclaimed.

“Okay! I don’t have money to give back.  So I took a decision, but you’ve to support me for the decision I took now.” Jim said.

“I supported you every time. How come you thought that I won’t support you?” Lara said in a funny manner.

“I’m serious! Why are you making those funny expressions?” Jim exclaimed.

“We’re having conversation. If you speak seriously we can’t make good solution. That’s why I said in a funny way.” Lara said. “Now relax yourself and tell me what you’ve decided?”

“Since I can’t give back the money now, either I’ve to surrender all to creditors or wel should go away from this place.” Jim said.

“What is best for our children’s future you decide it.” Lara continued, “If we stay here, I don’t think we can solve the problem quickly and that might affect on our children’s education. If we go away from this place then we’ve to come back one day or the other to settle this, otherwise it’ll again cause problem to our children.”

“I know! That’s the reason why I’m discussing with you before making such decisions.”Jim responded politely.


What they must have done according to you? Do you think they must have settled in the same place to settle the problem? Do you think they can really solve the problem so easily? (Or) Did they leave the place to start new life? Even if they left, they can ever come back to solve the issue?


If you’ve great creative thoughts you can create your own story from here depending upon your imagination and attitude. Just try to expand your thoughts without reading farther story for couple of minutes. Whatever the ideas you got, write it down. This process will improve your thinking skills and you can become more creative, innovative and imaginative. Otherwise! let’s get going.


After the conversation with Lara, Jim had decided to leave the place and to go far away with his family. One of Jim’s best friends was in a different place, So Jim decided to go and settle there for couple of years. Jim’s children asked him a question, “Why we’re shifting the place again?”

Jim replied to his elder son-Rick, “Son! The previous place was good, but this place we are going is great.”

Rick’s mind was puzzled. He thought for awhile and responded, “Okay! We’ll see to it.”

Jim smiled and saw his younger son-Boris, who was still gazing at his mother and father. Jim asked, “What are you thinking so deeply by looking at us?”

“I’m just thinking, What about our shops and studies?” Boris said. “I haven’t told my friends where we are going.”

“You don’t worry about it; we’ll be back to our previous place after my works are over.” Jim said.

“That’s sounds good to me.”  Boris responded.


Jim’s family reached their destination. After they went there, it took time for them to settle in that place. Jim couldn’t do any business at the place where he is now. Lara said to Jim, “I think business is not a good idea. Already you’ve burnt your fingers, now don’t burn yourself.”

“Then what should I do?” Jim questioned.

“You’ve a tremendous education background with business experience. You can try in different fields like, Universities, industries and institutions.” Lara explained.


Jim thought for awhile and decided to try for some institutions. After a week he got a job in a reputed institution in that place. He started working hard and they were happy with what they got. Few months had passed and they couldn’t get more money for solving the previous issue. Jim was happy from outside, but began to get worried from inside. He recollected that he had passion for writing and innovating something out of nothing in his childhood.


Jim started to write stories and articles. He started to search for the magazines and news papers in which his works were accepted. A month passed away and he hadn’t got any magazine, nor news paper links to get it published.



One fine day, Jim’s friend Arthur who helped him, came to meet him. Jim was just wondering around the house and Arthur suddenly laughed. Jim suddenly turned and saw Arthur., Jim’s face was puzzled and still he was just looking at Arthur instead of talking. Arthur said, “What got into you? Looking at me, as if I did something wrong.”

“Nothing like that, it’s just…” Jim stopped.

“Come on! Continue, complete the sentence.”Arthur said with a smile.

“It’s just, you know about my passion of writing and creating new things, right?” Jim posed a question.

“Yeah, I know, but now why are you worried about that?” Arthur said. “If you’re planning to write just write it and try for some news paper, so that you can get some visibility and money too.”

“Arthur, Arthur I got the same idea. I already wrote it, but I’m not getting the proper links.” Jim responded in a childish way.

“Well, well, well. It seems to me like you are still doing lot of hard work rather than smart work.” Arthur continued, “I’ve a friend, who works in a local news paper. I’ll talk to him and let you know, if it’s ok with you.”

“That sounds great. When can I expect your answer?” Jim asked with anxiety.

“Whoa! You seems to be energetic, all of the sudden. I’ll inform you shortly. Now relax yourself. I also have to go out. Take care and see you later.” Arthur said and went off.


Two days had been passed and Jim was still waiting for Arthur’s response. Arthur called Jim and congratulated him.

“What did I achieve?” Jim asked.

Arthur laughed and responded, “I spoke with my friend and He said that, he’ll take your writing work.”

“Really that’s great news.” Jim exclaimed, “Thanks for the help you’ve done.”

“Hey! Come on; don’t embrace me with ‘Thanks’” Arthur told.

“It’s not like that. Okay, when I’ve to send the manuscript to your friend?” Jim posed a question.

“Today evening would be fine.” Arthur continued, “I also have some work. I’ll meet you later. Good Luck!” and ended the call.


Jim on that day evening sent the manuscript to Arthur’s friend. It was accepted and got published. After that publication, Jim’s confidence level was raised. He started to write various things in new dimensions. Jim’s publication rating had gone up within few months. Jim decided to write a book. He struggled hard for a year to make it, and finally completed it. Due to his publications it was easy for him to get the book published. He was slowly getting better financially as well as becoming famous.


After 5 years he went back to the place, from where he had lost everything and settled the problem. Jim was happy to be back to his normal form. He wanted to meet his relatives and went to see them with his wife and two children’s. Jim’s relatives avoided him and looked him like a stranger. Jim asked, “Why you all are behaving like this?”

His relatives responded, “Because, you have lost everything. Without money we don’t want you.”


Jim was silent and went off from that place. Gradually Jim’s book was going all over the world and he became famous after few years. He became best author in the world. At that time his relatives came to him. Jim looked at them and ignored. His relatives asked him, “Why are you ignoring us?” Jim gave a broad smile and responded, “Even in my success and failure my wife and my two sons are with me. For me, they are important, not the people who wants only money than person.” Now you may leave the place.


We can conclude that, a person should make right decision at right time to feel success. We have to get inspired with Jim’s attitude, thoughts and leadership skills. He had grown silently instead of blowing his own trumpets. The world has to tell, you are great not you telling the whole world that, I’m great. Person should’ve positive attitude to taste success. You should choose a life partner, who’ll be with you even at happiness and sadness, which gives you the real success.


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