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Short Stories to Share-Get Inspired Online Purchase in .PDF

Short Stories to Share-Get Inspired Online Purchase in .PDF

This book is a collection of short stories and articles emphasizing on morals and values. It contains well punched messages at the end of each story leading to lasting impression in the minds of the readers. It focuses on success, attitude, friendship, leadership, motivation and inspiration. 

The book deals with honesty and integrity, and backs with short story so that readers can connect quickly with the content and get inspired. It sends a strong message that truth that alone triumphs at the end. 

It is an inspirational book. You can easily toss the book into a briefcase or purse and read here and there as time allows. 

The book is useful to students from kinder garden (KG) to post graduation (PG) and to all those who have flair for inspirational books.


Short Story – Spot Your Talents

Once upon a time in a city lived a person by the name Jim. He was an ordinary man with slow grasping power. Everyone in his class used to mock at him. However, Jim did not care them. Jim’s parents were worried about his future.

Jim was not interested in academics but he was a good swimmer. He had a friend by name Leon. Leon told Jim that everybody was weak and strong in some areas. Leon enquired Jim “In which areas you are strong?” Jim responded to Leon, “I am not good at academics. But I have passion for swimming.”

On the next day, Leon informed to friends to hide near the pond and asked them that he would act drowning in the water when Jim comes. Leon observed Jim passing through that pond. Leon jumped into the pond and started crying for help. Jim looked at the pond and found that Leon was crying for help. Immediately he got into the pond and pulled Leon to safety.

Jim stared at Leon and asked “You know how to swim. Why were you struggling and crying for help from pond?” Leon replied to Jim “To unearth your talent in swimming to the world”. Leon called friends who were hiding away from the pond. They felt excited the way Jim rescued Leon and regretted for mocking at him.

Jim practiced swimming regularly and excelled as a good swimmer and learnt various styles of swimming such as free style, breast stroke, butterfly and back stroke. Jim participated in the swimming competition and bagged the first prize. He thanked Leon for spotting his talent in swimming and continued the practice and excelled as a great swimmer.

The moral of the story is that we all have talents. We need to spot our talents and develop for achieving success in life.