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HOPE-Highly Optimistic People Evolve!

HOPE is required to grow in ones life. You all dream of joining the best companies in your life. How many of you work to achieve it?

Most of the MNCs are in a single click. The companies that were covered in it are Amazon; Continental Hospital; Cyent; Cognizent; Capgemini; CA; Hyaat; Karvy and Andhrabank.


Publication of M. Ganesh Sai’s Book – Short Stories to Share: Get Inspired

Dear friends,

I would like to share the successful publication of my authored book titled – “Short Stories to Share: Get Inspired”. World’s 9th Leadership Guru, Arthur F. Carmazzi wrote foreword for this book. Here are the details of the book:

Publisher: Galgotia Publications Pvt Ltd
ISBN 978-81-7515-634-0
Price: INR 100/- (Paper Back)

About the Book:
“The short story is like an old friend who calls whenever he is in town. We are happy to hear from it; we casually fan the embers of past intimacies, and buy it lunch.” – R. Z. Sheppard

This book is a collection of short stories and articles emphasizing on morals and values. It contains well punched messages at the end of each story leading to lasting impression in the minds of the readers. It focuses on success, attitude, friendship, leadership, motivation and inspiration.

The book deals with honesty and integrity, and backs with short story so that readers can connect quickly with the content and get inspired. It sends a strong message that truth that alone triumphs at the end.

It is an inspirational book. You can easily toss the book into a briefcase or purse and read here and there as time allows.

The book is useful to students from kinder garden (KG) to post graduation (PG) and to all those who have flair for inspirational books.

I would appreciate if you could read the book and provide your valuable feedback.

M. Ganesh Sai
Founder, MGS Leadership Consultants, India
Email: mgshyd@gmail.com
Blog: https://mgshyd.wordpress.com
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