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HOPE-Highly Optimistic People Evolve!

HOPE is required to grow in ones life. You all dream of joining the best companies in your life. How many of you work to achieve it?

Most of the MNCs are in a single click. The companies that were covered in it are Amazon; Continental Hospital; Cyent; Cognizent; Capgemini; CA; Hyaat; Karvy and Andhrabank.


“What a Story!” – M. Ganesh Sai

Once there was family with four people, parents and two children’s. The children’s names were Suzaku and Mike. They both had an age difference of one year, but still most of the people say that they were like twins. Their parents gave the best to both of them, unfortunately Mike was not mature neither intelligent. Whereas, Suzaku was intelligent, had skills to control or to solve anything which was in his way. Mike most of the times used to get scoldings and beatings from his father for not scoring marks in exam, not doing work properly and for not listening and day dreaming.


After 20 years when Mike joined graduation, his father said to him, “Leave the past, and be in present to gain better future.” Continued, “I don’t want you to get backlogs. Clear everything at first attempt.”

“Sure! I’ll do it father.” Mike said and started to his college. Has the first year ended Mike cleared all the subjects. At that time, his father said, “That’s good. Try to get good percentage next time.”

“I’ll do my best, father.” Mike said and went off.


When Mike entered 2nd year of graduation, his brother Susaku came to 1st year of graduation in a top institute. From the 2nd year onwards it was like semester based. By end of the 1st semester Mike had failed all the subjects. His mother was sad to know the result and his father got boiled and started to shout at him. He was upset with what had happen, but no one was bordered about it. Everyone thought that, Mike was not feeling bad at all for what he got. Mike was internally felt the hell and showed in his words and face that he was in heaven.


A year passed, Mike got mad and wanted to leave studies, parents and his own life, but couldn’t do that. Mike had two drawbacks to do such a stupid thing. 1st reason was that, he loved his mother and wanted to make her happy. He decided not to bring sadness in his mother face by committing suicide. 2nd reason was his two best friends. They always supported him with everything they had and decided not to break the bond by killing himself.


Mike’s father got strict and most of the times started to shout at him, asks him every second what he was doing? Why he was doing? What’s the use in doing those things? Mike gave responses nicely with patience that one day father will understand what’s my true pain. At the end of his graduation 3rd year he had cleared almost all the subjects and part of the subject which he had lost in 2nd year were left off. Mike lost hope and patience that his father will not understand him on education areas. Apart from education and general things his father loves him and his brother Susaku equally.


“Mike!” Father called

“Yes, Father.” Mike responded.

“Come here.” Father continued, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing father.” Mike continued, “I was searching for projects.”

“What projects?” Father responded.

“At 4th year projects are there. There are two types, mini and major project.” Mike responded.

“Use your time productively. Don’t waste it for single second.” Father continued, “I don’t know you are doing project or something else. Show me what you are doing?”

“Okay father.” I really got annoyed with that response but I kept quit and responded.


Father said to mike, “What you were doing all this time was this simple thing. For that you’ve wasted you time.”

“What can I do? I don’t have knowledge like anyone else. With what I’ve I did it.” Mike responded in the same tone has his father.

“Why are you shouting? Are thing you are smart. Be in your limits. You have to complete your graduation and get of this house.” Father responded.

“Okay. I’ll go away.” Mike responded and stopped talking.


By listening those words from his father his heart was broken. He always thought that one day his father will talk in the same manner has he talks with Susaku, but mike lost hope. He had left his entire dreams. Completed his graduation and went on a job to work like a machine. He was not interested to have any feelings and controlled his emotions too.


The moral of the story is that, for everything there will be a limit. If that limit crosses between parents and children, boy friend and girl friend, husband and wife that’s it. The heart breaking, miserable life, conflicts and many more will happen. Be at your limit to make your loved ones normal, instead of mad. Love your loved ones, but don’t compare them with anyone.



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