Once upon a time, there were two friends by names David and Ben. They were very good friends from the childhood. After few years Ben went to UK and David has started his own business. Ben became very rich by floating his own business and earned name and fame. The David was bankrupt and became insolvent in his business venture. David decided to ask help from his childhood friend as he was financial sound and he went to his friend’s house in UK but Ben at first could not remember him after some time he recognized that it was David, his childhood friend.


Ben told David to come inside his home. Ben asked, “What’s the matter you seem upset, do you any problem?” Then David said nothing and said that he was feeling great to meet his friend after a long time. Then Ben had some doubt and enquired that his friend, David was in financial trouble.


Ben had given money to David which was required for him. Then David expressed his gratitude to Ben.  Ben said to use the funds judiciously and learn from his past mistakes and correct accordingly.  David took money, settled and restarted his business.  And with in a short span, he recovered everything and paid back the amount to his friend.


We can learn from this story that the friend is the one who will be with you throughout your life even in happiness or in sadness.  Friendship is thicker than blood. 


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Robert hailed from a poor family background. He lost his father in his childhood in an accident. Therefore, his mother brought him up with so many hardships. She was penniless when Robert’s father died. But she worked as a servant maid in few houses and brought up Robert. Robert’s mother wanted to provide good education to him so that he could lead a comfortable life in future. Unfortunately she had only one. The reasons for the same were not known to him. Whenever his mother used to bring lunch pack to him Robert’s friends used to ridicule because she had only one eye. Robert as a child began developing aversion against his mother. He told his mother why she did not die instead of living with one eye. She felt very bad about such comments from Robert. All she replied was only to smile. Robert studied well and became an officer and lived comfortably. His mother used to be happy with Robert’s achievement. But Robert still disliked his mother because of one eye. After his marriage, Robert’s children got scared and Robert did not like her mother coming to his house. She stayed in a hut only in a different place in order to avoid embarrassment to Robert and his children. Once she came to see the house enquiring the address of Robert, and Robert even after seeing her said that it was not the house she was looking for and his mother went away. He thanked God that his mother did not recognize him. After few days, Robert got a letter from unknown address and opened and read the letter. It was written by his mother. She wrote that when Robert’s father died in accident Robert lost one eye. She did not like Robert living with one eye through out his life. Hence, she donated her eye to Robert so that Robert could see the world with both the eyes. Having realized this, tears rolled for Robert and he deeply regretted. He went to his native place to see his mother and shocked to know that she was no more. He wept deeply for his folly and aversion against his mother. He was very rude with his mother and did not give her any happiness. He did not fulfill her dreams. He repented a lot for his misdeeds. From the above story the message is clear that it is necessary to empathize and the importance of the individuals is known only after their departure. It is a message for all the children across the world to love their mother whether she was beautiful or ugly because mother is supreme.

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     In this story an old man is an important character. In a village, there was an old man living with his son. He had a white horse it was very beautiful and many people asked him to sell but he refused to sell. One day the horse was stolen away and everyone told  him that he should have sold his horse. To that the old man said, “It’s my bad luck or good luck” and added “Who can say?”


     After few months the horse came with other wild horses. The old man’s son used to train the horses. One day, unfortunately the son of old man had an accident because of horses and his legs were chopped.  To that the neighbors said that the horses brought bad luck to the old man.  To that the old man replied, “It is my bad luck or good luck” and added “Who can say?”


     After few weeks, army people came to the village and took away all the young people to fight for the country. And the old man’s son was spared as he was physically challenged. To that the villagers said that old man was very lucky as his son was with him and others’ children may die in battle.


     The moral of the story is that we should have positive attitude and think that all that happens for good.



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