“Do Something” – M. Ganesh Sai

Once upon a time there was a girl-Richa. She used to go to walk everyday to the park which was near to her residency. One fine day a old man asked her, “I’m watching you for the past six months. Most of the people I saw they give up when they lose weight or when they gain stamina, but you are perfectly fine. Then why you are still coming everyday alone go for a walk?”

“Actually, I never liked to walk until something happened in my life. That’s why I don’t mind if I’m slim or gaining stamina. I just walk.” Richa explained to an old man.

“You’re so young to get into any problems. May I know the reason for your struggle?” Old man asked with curiosity.

“First of all I never felt struggle by walking, but I gain silence and strategy. And you can know the reason.” Richa said with joy and started to recollect the reason.


Richa said to the old man, “Once when I was a kid, walking in a street with my mom, I saw a person-Jill. He was a handsome guy with cool look. He liked to sit and enjoy wither at work or at home. Day by day he was doing the same style until one day; he was admitted in a hospital. After a month his mom was crying. And after few days I got to know the reason that, “Jill was expired due to unmaintained fitness and increase in cholesterol and got heart attack.” I was shocked to know that” From that day onwards I decided to do something to maintain my health.


After listening to that story, the old man started crying and said to Richa, “You were right my child, if only I took care of Jill, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“What do you mean by that?” Richa

“The Jill you were talking about was my boy. After he expired, I regretted every single day.” Old man continued, “I never thought that my son’s life can become example for the people.”

“Well. Your son directly and indirectly gave me the meaning of life. I’m going to preserve it for sure.” Richa said and moved on.


The moral of this story is that, everyone can learn something from someone and by learning it they have to do something to gain few things, if they don’t then they will might not have anything.



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