“Listen Attentively; Avoid Jumping into Conclusions” – M. Ganesh Sai

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”- Bernard M. Baruch

Once there was a boy-Roy. He was playing in a garden. When he was playing, his father called him and said, “Take this money and get vegetables from market.”

“Father! I just started playing now. Can I go later?” Roy requested.

“No son. It’s almost going to be noon. Lunch is to be prepared and we need vegetables.  Get them soon.” Father ordered.

“Okay! I’ll bring.” Roy said and started to go to vegetables shop.

After an hour passed, Roy returned with empty basket without any vegetables. The conversation took place between both of them as follows:

“Where are the vegetables?” His father asked with anger.

“Father, I spent all that money to buy…” Roy was interrupted in the middle of the conversation.

“What! You spent all that money! What you’ve done with it. Where you’ve lost it? Tell me now.” His father shouted.

“I just bought a blanket and gave it to….” Roy was again interrupted in middle of the conversation by his father.

“You bought a blanket? And you gave it to unknown person! How could you do that? At home everyone is starving, and you are wasting money for no reason.” His father continued, “You’ve become irresponsible. Just go to your room.”

“But, dad…” Roy said.

“Just shut up and go to your room.” Father ordered.

Roy was in his room till evening and crying. His father came to his room and sat beside him. Roy stopped crying and was looking at his father. His father said, “I’m sorry for shouting at you. But you’ve wasted money for no reason. That’s why I shouted at you.”

“I didn’t waste for unwanted things.” Roy responded.

“Why again you are arguing like that?” father annoyed.

“Just listen to me carefully without any interruption.” Roy continued, “On the way to market, I saw grandfather who was sitting outside shivering with cold. I spent a part of the money to buy a blanket and gave it to him. I spent the balance money to buy a hot coffee and fruits for him.”

“You should’ve told me in morning itself.” Father said and continued, “Why didn’t you tell me at that time.”

“I was trying to tell you but you interrupted the conversation and jumped into conclusion,” Roy asserted.

Then father realized his mistake and regretted misunderstanding his son. He expressed his happiness to Roy and implored him to do such things and become an example for others.

The moral of this story is not to jump into conclusion. Listen attentively; think through; and then act accordingly.

Good luck!

M. Ganesh Sai

Founder, MGS Leadership Consultants, India

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