“One Lucky Boy-Short Story” – M. Ganesh Sai

Once upon a time there a boy by name Ken. He was born in a city. He was a humble boy with great knowledge. He always thought good about others. He was often surrounded by his friends. One day one of his friends, Tony told, “Hi Ken! My father told me yesterday that we don’t know what life is all about?” Ken exclaimed and asked Tony, “Why did your father tell like that?” Tony responded by saying, “I threw the chair and broke it by mistake.” After thinking for sometime Ken enquired Tony, “What does the chair have to do with the life?”  Tony ridiculed and said, “I don’t know? And my father’s comment made me laugh.”  


Ken didn’t know what life was all about. He appreciated to be independent all the time. So he went to his father and asked, “I want to go on a tour and I’ll be back by three days.” His father agreed with his proposal. He started his journey and went to various places to find out what does life mean? After his long journey he was exhausted. He was hungry and did not have money to buy and eat. He approached a shop and asked for food. The shop keeper asked him to give money. Ken responded with a weak voice, “I don’t have money?” The shop keeper shouted at him by saying, “Without money you can’t get food. Who are you and why I should give you food for free?” Ken remained silent and fainted.


Ken woke up and looked all around the place and got astonished. He came out of the room and was deeply thinking about screaming by the shopkeeper.  A person came from behind asked, “Are you ready?” He turned around and realized that it was his father. He replied, “No dad.” His father asked, “You said that you would go on a tour for three days.” Ken smiled and said, “Now I got my answer and I don’t need to go anywhere.” His father said, “OK” and went off. Ken smiled and told himself, “I had a dream…” He went to Tony and said, “Your father was trying to say you that you don’t know the value of money.” Tony replied, “I got it now, thanks my friend.” Ken also understood the value of life and led his life happily forever.


The moral of this story is that we should know the value of life.  We are often blessed with certain things in life such as assets, money and comforts but there are people who are deprived of the same.  Sometimes they may struggle for basic necessities including food. We should be thankful to our parents for giving everything to us on platter. In this story, Ken was lucky to know the value of life without experiencing any hardships. This doesn’t happen to everyone. Hence, know the value of your life and enjoy every moment.


M. Ganesh Sai

Founder, MGS Leadership Consultants, India

Email: mgshyd@gmail.com

Blog: https://mgshyd.wordpress.com

Speaker Wiki: http://speakerwiki.org/speakers/MGanesh_Sai



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