Soft Skills

One fine morning when I was busy with my studies my father came from gym and relaxed himself. After sometime he asked me about something. I was writing my notes and listened to him and replied by looking at my notes.

Subsequently he asked me, “Did you understand to what I said?” I couldn’t express it at all. He told me, “This is not the way to respond when your father was asking you about something.”

My father observed my body language and said that I had to improve my listening skills and advised me to adhere as follows when someone communicates.

• Whenever speaker says something the listener has to maintain eye contact and demonstrate willingness to listen as it encourages the speaker to communicate.
• The listener has to open his mind without any pre-conceived notions. There must be occasional nodding of head when the speaker speaks. As per the content and situation the listener must maintain smile and warmth to appreciate the speaker.
• Not paying attention to the speaker tantamount to disrespect to the speaker.

Finally my father said, “This is nothing but soft skills.” I thanked my father for enlightening me about soft skills.


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