Choose Your Destiny – Short Story

Once upon a time there were plenty of animals in a desert. The temperatures in the desert shot up alarmingly due to climatically changes. Most of the animals were at the verge of extinction. One of the animals, leopard came up with an idea of shifting to safer place for survival.

Leopard led from front with lot of struggles and carried the rest of the animals. On their way they faced several challenges and they found cactus plants on the way as hurdles. They cleared the cactus plants and moved forward. During the journey the animals were getting restless and tired. Having observed this, the leopard motivated by raising their confidence levels. Finally, they found a suitable place where they found water with wet land. And they settled happily.

The moral of this story is that we face several challenges in our life. We must find suitable solutions to overcome them. The leopard led from front like a real leader and set right direction to others thus ensuring the survival of all animals.


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