Short Story-Gardening

Once upon a time in a thick forest, there lived a person by name Martin. He was a kindhearted person with cool temperament. He was interested in spending most of his time in gardening since his teenage. Once Martin’s friends came to see his house. They were excited by looking at his home. It was amazing with beautiful garden with variety of flowers.

Martin was a very close friend for Jack. He too didn’t know the reason for Martin’s temperament and introversion. Jack ad Martin started conversation.

Jack: Martin! why are you interested in gardening?
Martin: Jack! This is my mother’s garden. When I keep this garden neat and clean my mother would be happy.
Jack: Ok..! Where is your mother?
Martin: Smiled and replied in heaven.
Jack: I am sorry.
Martin: It is okay.
Jack: What is the connection between gardening and your mother’s happiness then?
Martin: When I was a child my mother was interested in garden and gardening. She was interested in flowers
Jack: Then what had happened.
Martin: At that time if I plucked a flower and my mother scolded me. I used to get anger for no reason. Once I got angry and burnt the garden. I was trapped in the fire and my mother lost her life by saving me.
Jack: I am very sorry for reminding your unpleasant past.
Martin: I regretted a lot. My mother’s last wish was that “This was your dad’s favorite flower. And whenever I grow that I would recollect him. I want that you should also develop the habit of gardening”
Jack: “Can I’ve a look at that flower?”
Martin: Come this way..,
(After sometime……..)

Jack was astonished by looking at the flower. It was different and beautiful. Martin then responded to Jack that “The smell and beauty of it makes even an irritated person into a cool person” By then, Jack was convinced with the cool and introvert behavior of Martin.

From this story we must learn to respect the sentiments of parents and cultivate the habit of gardening.

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