Short Story – The Dream World

Ronnie lived in a hamlet where few people lived. He had a dream to become a story writer. We wrote several stories for magazines since childhood. Initially he started writing for improving his writing skills. Subsequently he had an idea to author a book. He wrote a book titled The Achiever but it failed to reach the audience.

Ronnie had a friend, Mike who was a researcher. Ronnie approached Mike for suggestions to author the book. Mike advised Ronnie to observe the things, learn from teachers and friends, and gather from internet as it helps in developing an excellent book.

After listening from Mike, Ronnie gathered information from various sources. By observing various things, discussing with friends, consulting teachers and researching he started writing a book with a good story. When he completed half of his book he decided to conclude the story with many twists and turns. Ultimately Ronnie was successful in authoring a story book titled The Dream World. The story book was a runaway hit with accolades. Ronnie met Mike and thanked him for his valuable suggestions.

It transpires from the above story that it is always desirable to seek suggestions from experts and friends for achieving success.


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