Short Story – Spuds and Spades

Once there was a planet in which two kinds of people used to live such as spuds and spades. One half of the planet was ruled by spades, they were known for their strength and fighting spirit. The other portion of the planet was occupied by spuds and they were famous for their tactical ability. Initially they were living together in harmony.

One day people of another planet called Nadis came to the planet of spuds and spades. Nadis came from the planet which was filled with destruction and disasters. Spuds and spades also welcomed them warmly. Nadis were experimenting the planet so that they could live there. Finally they found that there was huge mountain which was the source of the planet. They also found that if they could even get one fourth of the mountain they could save their planet from disaster. But they could not even make a scratch of the mountain. Later Nadis found that mountain was so strong because of unity of Spuds and Spades. They wanted to create conflicts between them so that they could also create a huge spaceship for carrying some part of mountain.

Nadis created conflict among them by highlighting their differences. Since then the planet was split into two parts. Every day there was battle and many people died. Nadis were also happy so that they could complete their work. This continued for 30 years. Only 20 years was left for the completion of their work and the end of the planet of spud and spade. At that time a child was born by name Spuspa. His parents were both spud and spade. The parents taught Spuspa not to treat spuds and spade differently. Spuspa decided to unite both communities when he grew.

Nadis required a year for completion of the work. Spuspa finally grew into a person; he had the appearance of spade and intelligence of spud. At that time the planet was looking like a graveyard because of infighting. Spuspa came to know the evil intentions of Nadis. He wanted to unite Spuds and Spades so that the mountain will become strong and withstand the drilling. Spuspa wanted to stop the menace and entered spade valley easily as he had the appearance of Spade. Prince of Spade always wanted to stop war as he could not tolerate the death of people but his father never agreed. Spuspa met the prince of spade and said that Nadis were drilling the sacred mountain which was the source of the planet. The prince asked the solution to solve the problem once for all. Spuspa asked the prince to marry the princess of Spud. The king agreed but puzzled whether the spuds would agree. The person said that spuds were good hearted they will agree definitely. The prince approached the spuds alone and requested for the marriage of princess so that they could live in peace and harmony again. The spuds agreed as they had very few soldiers and the battle would stop.

When the king of spades came to know this, he immediately took all of his soldiers to attack Spuds. Spuspa stopped them and took them to the place where Nadis were working. When Spades saw what Nadis were doing they killed all of them mercilessly. The king of spade agreed for the marriage of prince of Spade with princess of spud. After some years the mountain recovered its wound as Spuds and Spades united. Therefore, always look at the similarities, but not differences.


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