Short Story – Snake and the Child

Once upon a time, there were various kinds of animals lived in the forest. In that forest, snakes also lived. One day the forest had begun burning. Most of the animals couldn’t escape from that place. At the end a snake and few others survived. That snake got angry towards humans for gutting the forest on fire. In addition, it heard stories about humans in childhood. The snake thought that humans had burnt the forest and decided to take revenge on them.

On the next day it went to a near by village and found few humans taking bath in the pond. It approached them and killed every one. The snake went to other villages and killed several humans. After few weeks it came back to the place it lived. It found that a boy was sitting and weeping. The snake was near the bushes and it was attempting to bite the boy. The boy’s friend told him not to cry. That boy said to his friend “My father tried to stop the fire on that day to save animals of the forest. On that day father saved few animals like deer, Black Panther and an unconscious snake. In that place he got injured because of that snake”

The boy’s friend told to him that “So what you are going to do?” The boy replied “I’m going to kill the snake” The friend responded immediately “If you get anger towards that snake then you are wrong. We should not think ill of others” The boy realized and decided not to harm the snake. The snake which was hiding in the bushes regretted for killing the people of near by villages.

The moral of this story is that you should never go by childhood stories and hearsay. We can’t undo our mistakes in life. Therefore, always think and act.


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