Lazy Lion – Short Story

Once in a village there was a farm. In that place there were plenty of cows. The cows were healthy. There was an old lion that was lazy and hungry. It got an idea to eat the cows. One day lion went to the cows and said that their landlord would send them to slaughter house. Initially the cows did not believe the lion and asked, “How can we trust you?” The lion said that it had become old and before dying it wanted to do good for the cows. The cows believed as the lion had become old and do no harm for them.

The leader requested the lion to save them. The lion told to the leader, “I’ll take one by one by so that your landlord will not get doubt” The leader agreed for that and everyday one cow went with lion. After reaching certain distance it used to kill and eat the cow.

The leader of the cows was worried about the flock. The nearby vulture asked the cow, “Why are you worried?” The cow narrated everything which was said by lion. The vulture flew and saw that the bones of the killed cows. The vulture returned and informed the same to the leader of the cows. After listening to those words the leader of the cow sought help from vulture.

The very next day the group of vultures attacked the lion and killed it. Finally the rest of the cows were saved from lazy lion. The moral of the story is that you cannot fool others all the time.


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