Everything Is Possible In This World – Short Story

In hamlet there was a tree. Rabbit, crow and woodpecker lived in the tree. One day upon their arrival, they found the tree was burnt. The crow and woodpecker cried by looking at the tree. Rabbit decided to leave for forest. The crow and the woodpecker asked the rabbit “Why do you want to go?” Rabbit replied that there was lot of noise pollution in the place. Therefore, rabbit decided to leave. Both the crow and woodpecker decided to accompany the rabbit.

All the three went to forest. They could not find a proper place to live. All the trees were occupied by other animals. They didn’t accept these three. The crow got annoyed and told to other two that he wanted to go back to the previous place to find a new home. The woodpecker and rabbit said, “We have passed half of the way of our journey to reach the destination”. After listening, both rabbit and woodpecker began following them.

After sometime the woodpecker went to the tree to take rest. The squirrel and the owl in the tree did not allow woodpecker to take rest. He got annoyed and said that he wanted to go away from this forest. The crow and rabbit persuaded the woodpecker to continue the journey.

Finally the rabbit found a tree which was not occupied by others. He was happy for the time being. After entering, all the three began beautifying the tree. It was not proper but they were comfortable with the tree. They worked hard to make it the better and lived together happily in the forest.

It becomes obvious from this story that everything is possible in this world. When God closes one door, He opens another door.


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