True Friend

Once upon a time there were two friends by names, Ronnie and Jack. They used to rag everybody. They did not spare even teachers and principal. The principal wanted to debar them from the school but remained silent as they hailed from decent family backgrounds. Their parents were educated but not in a position to concentrate on the conduct of Ronnie and Jack as they were busy with their schedules.

One fine day a new student by name Tony joined the class. The teacher placed him beside Ronnie and Jack. As usual these two ragged Tony. In fact, Tony was a good student and understood about these two. Tony retaliated by ragging both Ronnie and Jack. Realizing the attitude of Tony, these two made him as a friend. Tony began changing the ragging attitude of these two gradually. Finally Tony encouraged Ronnie and Jack to fall in line with the mainstream of other good students.

Over a period of time, there was a remarkable improvement in the behaviour and the performance of these two academically. Ultimately Ronnie and Jack scored high marks and became top performers in the class.

Behaviour of the people depends on the right selection of friends. When you choose good friends you tend to develop good qualities and excel as an outstanding person.


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