Love Your Neighbor – Short Story

Once upon a time, in a colony, there were two houses which were very close to each other. The family members of the two houses never had cordial relations with each other. They often quarreled with each other. The two families had sons studied in the same school but they were very friendly.

Both the sons were partners in various projects in school. They also got a first prize in a science project through team effort. They always remained as friends. They decided to bring their two families together. First they started with their mothers to cope up with each other. They succeeded by encouraging them to help each other in cooking matters and gradually their mothers became friends.

The fathers of these two sons were doing business independently who ran into losses subsequently. The sons requested them to join together and build business collectively. Fathers of two sons started business together and succeeded. Finally both the families became friends.

Therefore, love and befriend with your neighbors to promote peace and prosperity.


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