Never Let down Others

There were three friends in a village. Their names were Jack, Tony and Ronnie. They had abundant wealth. Jack and Tony wanted to start an educational institute for the poor and downtrodden. Ronnie wanted to create eight wonder in the world. The other two friends told Ronnie that most of the poor children were not getting basic education. They persuaded him to build an institute first and then pursue with creation of eight wonder.

After a week, Jack took one fourth of money for purchasing construction material for the institute. Tony surveyed and received valuable inputs about the construction. He took one fourth money to the civil engineer to create the plans for construction.

Ronnie expressed his intention to buy latest technology for construction to his friends and took the balance amount and fled. Jack and Tony were upset with Ronnie. They moved ahead with their plan of setting up the institute. They faced several challenges initially and finally succeeded in their mission.
Ronnie who had run away from that village fell in the company of bad friends and addicted to vices. He totally forgot his goal of accomplishing eighth wonder. Finally he was left penniless.

Ten long years had passed away. Jack and Tony went to a city for a function. They saw a lean person lying on the road unconsciously. They were shocked and recognized that the unconscious man as Ronnie, their old friend who absconded ten years ago. They immediately took him to hospital. When Ronnie came to consciousness he felt ashamed of what he did to them. He requested them to forgive for his misdeeds. Jack and Tony pardoned him and told to learn lessons out his mistake and not to betray others in future.

Think before you act. Discuss before you decide. Never let down others.


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