Chairman and His Clerks – Short Story

Once upon a time the chairman of a big company asked the one of his clerks to go to his house and feed the three dogs in his house and put the dogs in the dog house. The chairman also added that if he did this work he would get a promotion. When the clerk went to the chairman’s house, he was surprised to see only one dog. So, he immediately rushed back to the company and informed the chairman that only one dog was there in his house.

The chairman sent the second clerk to his house to do that work. The second clerk also did the same thing as the first one. Finally the chairman asked the third clerk to complete the task. When the third clerk went, he saw only one dog in his house. He fed that dog and kept in the dog house. He informed the same to his boss.

The chairman informed the remaining two clerks that there was only one dog in the house. All that he wanted to know was to test their presence of mind. So the chairman gave the promotion to the third clerk as manager and the other two remained as clerks.


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