An Ideal Frog – Short Story

Once upon a time there was a frog that was ideal in nature. Everyday it used to have goal. It used to change bad persons into good persons. One fine day, it saw a monkey jumping from one branch to the other branch. The frog also wanted to try. It felt that there was nothing impossible in the world. So it climbed the tallest tree and tried to jump to other branch but failed and died ultimately.

Subsequently it went to heaven. There was a long queue at the entrance in heaven. There was a guard in the entrance who was sending the people either to heaven or hell based on their past deeds. Finally it was frog’s turn. The guard was so happy to meet the frog for his good deeds. The frog was surprised when it saw the expression in the guard’s face and asked why he was so happy. Then the guard said, “Usually ideal persons never live in peace. But you lived in peace and helped many people getting reformed.” But the guard was sorry because the frog’s place was in the hell as decided by the Gods. The frog accepted with grace and went to hell.

One day the Gods were passing through hell. They were surprised to see that the hell was turned to heaven. All the Gods went to hell’s gate. There was a gate keeper and he happily invited them to hell. They saw the place full of flowers, birds and animals playing happily. Gods asked, “Who is the person responsible for changing the environment?” Then the gate keeper said that an ideal frog was responsible for this. Then the Gods immediately went to the ideal frog and enquired how it was possible for him to change hell into heaven. The frog replied that every thing was possible and also added that if a person had ambition and noble ideas he would have no place for evil intentions. Finally the Gods also appreciated the frog for its great deeds.


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