Journey to Peak – Short Story

Once there was a boy named Jack who was very enthusiastic. He had strong will power and had the dreams to reach the peak. He was highly ambitious. His ambition was to climb the highest mountain. Therefore, he practiced very hard since childhood and started trekking and participated in all camping activities. He gained full support from his parents also.

When he grew older he nurtured his ambition. One day, Jack along with his friends pursued his ambition to climb Mt. Everest. Jack took the initiative for this journey and started climbing the mountain. They faced several challenges such as the rope of a person broken and died. Likewise all the friends of Jack were dead and Jack was alone. Jack also thought that he would die but his passion pursued him in reaching the pinnacle of the mountain. At last he reached the peak and died. He could pursue his passion as he set out his goals and goals helped him to live until he reached the peak.

Therefore, set your goals to ensure that you live longer with a purpose. It also eliminates the apprehensions and keeps you focused. Success and failure depends on how hard you care for your ambition rather than how hard you worked.


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