In North America there was a king by the name Boja and his friend’s name was Alex. They were very close and grew up together from the childhood. For every situation they used to think in positive manner. Alex remarks that “That is good”


One sunny day they went for hunting and they had seen lion suddenly Alex was preparing the gun for the king and given to the king. The king took the gun and fired towards the lion but his hand had been burnt due to the mistake of Alex while preparing the gun. Then king Boja told to Alex that because of latter’s small mistake former’s hand got burnt and asked for explanation from Alex. Then Alex told that “That is good”


King Boja got angry and ordered his solders to put the Alex in jail. After few weeks king Boja again went to forest alone for hunting and lit a fire in the woods. And the forest is inhabited by cannibals.  And unfortunately cannibals captured the king. They were going to kill the king but they noticed his one arm was wounded.  Cannibals had a sentiment of not killing if the person is injured and finally they released the king.


Boja came to Alex and he regretted for his misbehavior and ordered for his release. And Alex said, “That is good”.  Then Boja asked how it was good again.  Then Alex told “if you hadn’t kept me in jail I would have accompanied you and landed in problems as cannibals would not have spared me as I was physically alright.  Then king Boja realized and he too said “That is good”. Boja and Alex remained happy throughout their lives.


The moral of this story is that friends always think good of you. That is why we can say that the friends are made but nor born.     


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