“You can fool some people for sometime,

       You can fool some people for all the times,

       You can fool all people for some time,

       But, you cannot fool all people all the times”.                                                          


A person should be honest throughout his life. People make many minor mistakes and tell so many lies to escape. But they can’t hide for a long time. Honesty is a gift from god and it is key to success.


Students must be honest in their school, or at home or in society. If students tell lies to their teacher in order to escape for time being and the same would be known later on resulting into losing their credibility. Not only students but also many persons are dishonest in various fields.


A student, by name Charles who used to study well and he had a friend by the name Robert who was not punctual, to the school. Robert had negative friends. One day Charles asked Robert “Why you are doing like this”? Then Robert responded that it’s my wish. Robert became unpunctual and dishonest gradually and everyone disliked him. One day, Robert went to Charles and asked “Why no one likes me?” Charles told because of his bad behavior. Then “What I have to do”? requested Robert.  Charles told that he should be with good friends automatically changes could be felt positively. Then Robert asked that “Will you be my friend”? Charles told him that he was already his friend.


After few weeks Robert has changed his life with the help of Charles and everyone began liking him. The moral of this story is that if you are with good friends who have good attitude, behavior and integrity you can live with dignity and honor in the society.


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