“God given the nuts, but he neither does nor crack them”.


Akio Morita, the late president of Sony Corporation, defined creativity as the ability to ‘approach the unknown knowledge-to make a breakthrough’ Similarly, creativity, according to the UK Design Council ‘comes from an ability to (apply) knowledge across contexts, to use knowledge and skills from one arena to another, completely different arena’.


Creativity is nothing but bringing new things and ideas into existence. Creative people are highly curious to know many things. They try to experiment new ideas. If you know ten methods of solving problem and if you can find out the eleventh method of solving the problem then you have creativity.  If you have creative mind you can achieve greater success.


Many inventions are the result of creativity. Everybody is gifted with excellent imaginative powers. Albert Einstein highlighted the importance of creativity.  He said that imagination was more important than knowledge as imagination encircles the world.


Children are having the power to create anything in this world from their imaginative mind. Even the Einstein is very poor in studies from his childhood but due to his creative mind he had created many useful things for everyone and became a great scientist. Children need to develop creative mindset from childhood itself. It is very sad to note that the present educational system in India encourages too much of memory not on creativity. 


“Imagination is the key to creativity”, quoted Prof.M.S.Rao, Corporate Trainer on Leadership Development. In this world everyone should encourage their children to create new things and new ways to learn


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