“Vision without action is a daydream. And action without vision is a nightmare”, goes a Japanese proverb.


Ambition is nothing but the goal, desire, objective and  dream to achieve something that you want to reach in your life. Every student has ambition to achieve something in his life. Ambition means setting certain goals and objectives and working actively to achieve the same.


Our thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits, habits lead to attitude, attitude lead to aptitude, aptitude lead to character. Ultimately our character leads to destiny. This is how our destiny is created. Man can reach his destiny by setting his ambitious goals and working hard. In a nut shell, ambition is the means and the end is destiny.


Ambition never allows the man to sleep and, on the other hand, it always wakes him up with a constant remainder of his goals. Ambition is the key to dream and dream is the key to success.


Generally people are averse to change and do not like to come out from their comfort zone to effective zone. Successful people are always in the effective zone. Zig Zigler Jig, an authority on motivation and leadership across the globe said, “97 percent of people live in the comfort zone and 3 percent live in the effective zone. The difference between the comfort and effective zone is growth and growth is never comfortable”.


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