Once upon a time, there were two friends by names David and Ben. They were very good friends from the childhood. After few years Ben went to UK and David has started his own business. Ben became very rich by floating his own business and earned name and fame. The David was bankrupt and became insolvent in his business venture. David decided to ask help from his childhood friend as he was financial sound and he went to his friend’s house in UK but Ben at first could not remember him after some time he recognized that it was David, his childhood friend.


Ben told David to come inside his home. Ben asked, “What’s the matter you seem upset, do you any problem?” Then David said nothing and said that he was feeling great to meet his friend after a long time. Then Ben had some doubt and enquired that his friend, David was in financial trouble.


Ben had given money to David which was required for him. Then David expressed his gratitude to Ben.  Ben said to use the funds judiciously and learn from his past mistakes and correct accordingly.  David took money, settled and restarted his business.  And with in a short span, he recovered everything and paid back the amount to his friend.


We can learn from this story that the friend is the one who will be with you throughout your life even in happiness or in sadness.  Friendship is thicker than blood. 


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